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Divorce Mediation & Family Planning

The end of a marriage can be very difficult. Children are impacted and they can lose relationships with parents that they once had. Marriages can also be very messy depending on what your assets are, and how much debt you might have. Before or during a legal divorce process you can mediate your families divorce and avoid paying high lawyer fees, and, avoid having lawyers and the judge settle a conflict on your behalf. You can mediate the time you spend with your children and come up with a reasonable plan to parent your children without extensive court involvement. You can do the same for assets and property, spousal and child support; all of the legal aspects of divorce can be mediated. Wouldn't you rather be in charge of these important decisions as opposed to a judge? People experience social problems personally and in their private lives.* For example: in 2019 there were 361 dissolutions of marriage in Coconino County, or 722 adults experiencing the same problem (divorce), but differently.*   Children experience divorce too and a break down in what once was your family structure can be very confusing for young children.  James has worked with many families on parenting planning and he has shown an ability to work with parents while keeping children safe.  Children need engagement from something other than a tablet or technology. Sit down and develop a plan that works. We have all heard the phrase it 'it takes a village to raise a child'.


Besides divorce mediation and dealing with domestic relations, people can mediate all types of problems; such as, property damage, real estate, breech of contract, personal injury, automobile accidents, slip and fall; probate, including decedent estate, adult guardianship, conservatorship, dispute within organizations, etc. Conflict is everywhere. What might not seem like a big deal to you, can be a problem to someone else. You can make a public spectacle in court over your conflict, or you can mediate your conflict confidentially. Some conflicts can be embarrassing and people would prefer to mediate those conflicts rather than sit on the stand and discuss their marriage, extended family, business deals, etc. in front of a judge, the lawyers, or whoever feels like sitting in the court room. 

Kirkham Mediation LLC. does not provide legal or financial advice and makes no diagnosis' related to medical or mental-health conditions. We provide Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services and Family Planning services.