About our Mediator

James is a qualified mediator and currently works with the Coconino County Legal Defenders Office. He is contracted by Coconino county's Superior Court in their Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program.

Previous Work Experience:
Arizona Department of Child Safety
  • On-going specialist focusing on reunifying children with their parents.
  • On-call specialist investigating child abuse and child neglect.
Flagstaff Unified School District
  • Program assistant and outdoor educator for serval seasons at Camp Colton.
  • De Miguel Elementary School teacher for the the Behavior Support Program.
  • Substitute teacher with Flagstaff Unified School District.
Northern Arizona University
  • Recurring instructor at the Successful Transition and Academic Readiness (STAR) program.
  • Experience teaching the following courses: Sociology of Marriage and Family, Courts and Justice, Criminology, Population and Demography, Sociology and Sexuality, Environmental Sociology, Medical Sociology, and Introduction to Sociology.
Youth Development Institute 
  • Group home staff for Journey and Voyager programming, teaching life skills, participating in group therapy, and helping youth transition back to their families.
  • Journey Residential Treatment Center, a program providing support and skills to juveniles with sexually maladaptive behaviors.
    • The Journey program operates therapeutic group homes on the YDI campus that do not require high level security.
  • Voyager Residential Treatment Center, a program providing support and skills to juveniles with  chemical dependencies, and youth with abnormal behaviors.
    • Youth in the Voyager program can begin their placement in group homes, some boys with emotional handicaps and behavior disorders who do not require the security of a locked residential facility

Northern Arizona University
  • Master in Arts of Applied Sociology thesis author of Organizations in Economies.
  • Bachelor in Science of Applied Sociology.
Chandler Gilbert Community College
  • Associate in Arts and Academic Certification in Sustainability and Ecological Literacy.

Research Participation

As a Graduate Assistant James helped collect and synthesize data for the Laboratory of Applied Social Research on the following projects:
  • Native Americans for Community Action (NACA) Youth Suicide Prevention Program Evaluation (2015).
  • Coconino County Point-in-Time Homeless Count Survey (2015, 2014).
  • Coconino County Community & Family Vitality Survey (2014).

James is a member of Arizona Local First, and the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce.

Kirkham Services does not provide legal or financial advice and makes no diagnosis' related to medical or mental-health conditions. We provide Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Parenting Planning services, and Notary.

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