About James Kirkham

James is a qualified mediator. He currently works with the Coconino County Legal Defenders Office and is contracted through the county's Superior Court in their Alternative Dispute Resolution Program.* He worked with the Arizona Department of Child Safety and reunified children with their parents after extreme conflicts. Prior employment includes working as an educator for the Flagstaff Unified School District. He was a program assistant, supporting the director for serval seasons at Camp Colton, in Flagstaff, AZ* and managed a Behavior Support Program at De Miguel Elementary school for FUSD. On the Navajo Nation in Leupp, AZ, James was a long term substitute and assisted the Physical Education teacher to gather and compile data for the Fit Kids program. Before he earned his Masters Degree in 2015, he worked with youth sex offenders, youth children with chemical dependencies, and youth with abnormal behaviors at Youth Development Institute in Phoenix, AZ. Further professional experiences include forensic Interviewing techniques, strategic planning, survey creation, data collection/analysis, and other fields, such as curriculum, business management and services, youth development, and environmental studies. In 2015, James authored a thesis on organizational theory. He applied theory to local organizations and explained why they were having success in their economies.  In university studies, he co-taught Sociology of Marriage and Family, Sociology and Sexuality, Demography, and Introduction to Sociology. He gathered surveys and compiled data as a graduate student for Native Americans for Community Action (NACA) Youth Suicide Prevention Program Evaluation (2015), the Point-in-Time Homeless Count Survey (2015, 2014), and the Coconino County Community & Family Vitality Survey (2014).* 

Kirkham Mediation does not provide legal or financial advice and makes no diagnosis' related to medical or mental-health conditions. We provide Alternative Dispute Resolution services (ADR) and Family Planning services.